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The latest SpaceX news and information and occasionally other space things. This is not an official account. Also @totalspace360 @artemis360_moon.

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I’m sure most are aware of the latest FAA advisories saying: “SpaceX starship rocket launch scheduled today from Boca Chica.’ These advisories have been common recently even when TFRs aren’t even in place so don’t get your hopes up. Road closure, evac notice and FTS still needed.

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Wanna fly to the 🌕 with me??
Big update coming March 2nd.

Dear Moon announcement on Tuesday! 🌑

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Tomorrow’s road closure in Boca Chica has been cancelled!

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Looks like final depress is underway!

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SN10 has begun to depress!

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SN10’s second static fire complete! Looked norminal! 🔥
(Credit: @NASASpaceflight)

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Starship SN10 static fire!!! 🔥

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Nosecone venting!

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Propellant loading is underway!

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Recondenser has been ON for a while and plenty of tank farm activity!

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Write a spaceflight horror story in 3 words. 👇🚀🧑‍🚀🪐

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Pad is clear and ground venting in Boca Chica!

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Starship SN15 nosecone stacking is happening at SpaceX Boca Chica. 🚀

SN15 is making good progress! SN15 is set to have major changes compared to SN11! 🚀

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Road is closed in Boca Chica ahead of a potential SN10 static fire later today! 🔥

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He was already of course! Can’t wait to see Delta IV Heavy fly again in late spring!

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Tory Bruno is a legend! ❤️

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Myself and @Cole_Van_Wyk are teaming up to create @artemis360_moon! This will cover all things to do with NASA’s Artemis programme where humans (including the first woman ever) will land on the moon for the first time in over 50 years! Spread the word!

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