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All the scriptwriters writing a strong female character, ever bothered giving them any other job than cooking/tailoring?

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Tandav is a Gritty Political Thriller:


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Nice to see @SandhyaMridul, finally, no more just the #curlygirl. #Taandav

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And then there's @DinoMorea9 too, in #Taandav, yay!

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so, @GAUAHAR_KHAN in #Taandav is good news. Always knew she had it in her since #RocketSingh.

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And #GauharKhan in #Taandav is good news. Knew this woman had it in her since #RocketSingh @PrimeVideoIN

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This is @YouTubeIndia page for every video click for the pst five minutes. No option to remove or move forward. #AdvertisementsSuck

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So, #DMart is not on Twitter, but this happened there. A seemingly working class woman took out 2000 rupees and 500 rupees note to pay the grocery bill. The cashier spent fifteen infuriating seconds to check if the notes were genuine out there in the open.

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A husband and wife talk in the bathroom because the ex-wife has bugged their house. Of course, she stays with them as well - in a palace. #shaadimubaarak has gone mad.

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The stupidity of #ShaadiMubarak continues. Now the kid has a peanut allergy.

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It is 2021, @ShashiSumeet is sending a ex-husband and ex-wife to a honeymoon, and the current wife is looking on. #ShaadiMubarak should just stop now.

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It was a tshirt earlier, now its a necklace. @ShashiSumeet proves with #ShaadiMubarak that the audience isn't ready for a woman's story outside the chaar diwari. I wonder how they can demean a woman every evening with such fricked up storylines.

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Day 2, @ShashiSumeet has a part 2 of a wife being hounded at her in-law house because of a blot on a shirt in #ShaadiMubarak . This is 2020. #misogynyalert

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Why doesn't doesn't someone from the #KapoorKhandaan take @iwmbuzz to court for such nonsense articles? This is a Johnny-come-lately website that doesn't even source its news. Where the hell is this @dna report? Someone please sue this website.

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Hey @GooglePayIndia do you not accept #Mastercard in creditcards?

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Potential Client: Can I send you a demo article? I want to see how you write.

Me: Can I share my bank account details? I want to see how you pay. :) #freelancerlife #freelance #contentwriter

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Sach bol, @Varun_dvn , woh @RicFlairNatrBoy ka strut tu bataya na director ko? #CoolieNo1OnPrime

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There wasn't, isn't and there never will be a 'picture' like #AKvsAK . This is my #AKvsAKreview . @anuragkashyap72 , thank you for The Game reference. At least now people will watch that movie again. @NetflixIndia

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