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Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!

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Two charities I support, @madebydyslexia and @bigchange_, are both hidden behind doors on the @AdventofChange calendar this year. This year there are also Christmas crackers – each one containing a joke – including one from yours truly:

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This is the advent calendar that gives back: @adventofchange @MadeByDyslexia @bigchange_

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Important issues on the table at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs - hope the CND will come down on the right side of science, public health – and history

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Great to see sensible drug policy reforms that will make a huge difference to people’s lives, take the burden off criminal justice systems, improve public health and, ultimately, save lives

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Rethinking drug laws in a new global moment: how policy can move on from the failed war on drugs

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How to not fall victim to our fears – one of the most important lessons we can learn from Nelson Mandela according to Richard Stengel. @stengel

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“Working on hyperloop – let alone being one of the first to ride it – is truly a dream come true.” Tanay grew up in Pune, India, which is set to be one of the first places to have a hyperloop route

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I’m delighted that Virgin Australia is ready for take-off once more, soaring out of administration, with a clear future direction to fly towards. I’m very optimistic about the future and enormously proud of all of the Virgin Australia team

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My reaction to seeing @VirginHyperloop make history as it travelled with two passengers:

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It was really interesting to attend the Paris Peace Forum – it’s positive to see so many countries taking action on ocean protection @oceanunite

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This #GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek I wanted to share a message of encouragement for all entrepreneurs @unleashingideas @gewuk

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Delighted that the brilliant Graham Norton is joining @VirginRadioUK for new weekend shows. Welcome to the #VirginFamily, Graham! @grahnort

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Here’s three reasons why it’s so important to protect the ocean @OceanUnite

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A great reminder of the power of our common humanity. Watch this powerful @TEDTalks from @NishaMAnand, Executive Director of @VirginUnite partner @thedreamcorps

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Can’t help but get excited for @VirginHotelsLV: #VirginFamily

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As we’ve been discussing ocean protection at the Paris Peace Forum this week, I thought I’d reshare this episode of Earth Unscrewed which is a deep dive on ocean conservation and why it’s so important. Very interesting listen:

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I remember asking Dave what flying SpaceShipTwo was like as soon as he got out of the spaceship on his first spaceflight… “It is like nothing else in this world” @virgingalactic

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Dave and the team are busy preparing for @VirginGalactic’s next space test flight later this month. This week the team installed the rocket motor into SpaceShipTwo Unity ready for the flight

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From a @VirginAtlantic pilot to @VirginGalactic’s chief pilot. Huge congratulations to Dave Mackay, who has been part of the #VirginFamily for 25 years!

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Virgin Hyperloop’s Chairman @ssulayem shares his perspective on our historic #hyperloop test. With @Virgin’s experience with passengers and @DP_World’s experience in logistics, @virginhyperloop will be the future of transportation

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