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If I keep going to the farm there won’t be any strawberry left for the market

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Wishing The Glorious 17 Squadron(Golden Arrows) all the very best and for all of us hope the Rafale beats the service record of the Mirage 2000 but Su30MKI remains my fav and the boys get new target to dogfight with and wait for BVR engagement till their upgrade to Super Sukhoi

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With the Final Induction Ceremony the world’s best combat proven 4.5Gen fighter plane gets the world’s best fighter pilots. In the hands of our pilots and the mix of different aircrafts with the IAF the potent bird’s lethality will only increase.

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An Artist,Soldier and Sportsperson what they crave for is appreciation, that their hard work and sacrifice is getting noticed and appreciated by everyone.thanks PM @narendramodi for your appreciation and good wishes.

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When u spot the tiger on ur own and he obliges u with just enough time to click a few pics.Visit to kanha was outstanding

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Want to know what keeps me going?
Watch to see my secret mantra to get the best out of urself.
You get out what you put in. #GulfPowerWithin @GulfOilIndia

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Snow brings the best out of her ziva_singh_dhoni

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Blast from the past.when u turn the table and ask the director to deliver the dialogue specially when she keeps saying such an easy dialogue u shd do it in one take.time flies this was more than an Year back.

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A little help always goes a long way specially when u realise it’s a big vehicle

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Ziva was like why is he wearing my glasses then she goes upstairs to find hers and finally says my glasses r with me r different these four and a half I won’t have even registered that I have…

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Wen U know what’s coming and start the camera and u get it in the nxt 1min, sorry for the bad light but it’s the lingo that’s fun trial ball, umpires decision last decision.brings back memory from school days.he wd…

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Use your Power

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After getting used to IPL timing this is what happens if u have a morning flight

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Just posted a video

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As a kid whenever v got sand this was one thing v would do for sure

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Were you wondering who the mystery icon panerai_india, @PaneraiOfficial and panerai_me were referring to? Guess no more! I am very happy to announce my collaboration with my new Panerai…

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Even better when we are dancing

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Greetings in two language

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Ziva’s bugs bunny zivasinghdhoni006

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