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it’s getting harder to unsubscribe

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The theme of 2020: resilience. I’ll need to carry that into 2021 as well but now that we’re in a new year I’m gonna continue to be #opentobetter. I promised myself I would meditate more♥️ What’s ur resolution? Tell me👇🏼& let’s catch up on IG Live Jan 28! #collaboration #cocacola

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Where u were directly affects where u are now... ♥️

Meaning... I can’t believe I used to trade my POGS for @Pokemon cards at lunch in jr high & now I get to be part of the #pokemon25 celebration... let’s just say I’m feelin pretty⚡️electric⚡️bout it 👍🏻🤠

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Just posted a photo @ God Sent Me An Angel from the Heavens Above

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If you’re searching for that double rainbow type of love, here’s one that’s not that hard to find... All you have to do is go to @kpcollections! I see you and I love you ♥️🌈 #shoesdaytuesday #justicefordoublerainbow

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i dont know who needs to hear this but:

sugar is pain


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HOPE is a decision

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@katyperry And u are also saving the planet so it’s a win win.

ugh I love a double downnn

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The cleaner the eating the closer to God

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Satin pajama flats for the transition to dressing up your bottom half again 😈 @kpcollections #shoesdaytuesday

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speak from experience, lead by example ♥️

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Leaving 2020 like...✌🏻

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2020 Sucks! @KatyPerry and @LukeBryanOnline happily sing us into 2021! #NYE2020 #AmericanIdol


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Want ur voice to be heard? Use ur voice.
Want more change? Make more change.
Need more love? Give more love.

You get what you give...

The LAST election is in ONE week & early voting ends THIS THURS! Vote for the CHANGE you seek #Georgia #OneDanceLeft♥️

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Today one of my family members help me realize that the stress/pain/trauma of family Christmas is actually the gift... an opportunity for growth, every year... guess I’ll go grow some more 🌱♥️

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yesterday for Christmas we watched the new movie @PixarSoul and I feel like I was hugged by the world again. Watch if your heart needs a hug ♥️

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i see you and i love you... never forget that the greatest love of all is inside of you ♥️

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IT’S HERE! IT’S REALLY HERE! 🙃 I finally got back my smile! Hope this record puts one on your face 🙂 #SMILE 🙂 IS OUT EVERYWHERE NOW! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ENJOY 🤡♥️ (sent from my hospital bed lol)

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