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Give to Georgia, Take the Senate!

Donate whatever you can 🍑❤️

Give to Georgia,
Take the Senate!

#GiveThanksToGeorgia and donate:

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You know you are starting to become a mom when there’s Black Friday sales and instead of shopping for yourself all I want to do is shop for the baby

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Have I started rewatching Merry Happy Whatever purely for @ashleytisdale's storyline as Kayla? Absolutely.


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ONE MONTH AWAY from the premiere of @maskeddancerfox Sunday Dec 27th!! #themaskeddancer

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Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours ❤️

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When you’ve been up since 4am it’s coffee time ☕️

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I wrote a post on #frenshe on how to handle political conversations during the holidays! 🍷 link in bio!

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It's not too much to mask for — mask up with @ashleytisdale this holiday season! ❄️😷

Join her for the series premiere of #TheMaskedDancer Sunday, December 27.


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Good afternoon ☀️ I hope this brings you a sense of calm

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Double excited for this double unmasking tonight!! #TheMaskedSinger who’s gonna watch with me??

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This baby loves to dance 😂

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Happy Birthday Mommy!!! I can only hope to be a mom like you. You’re so supportive, loving, and understanding. You’re always there when I need someone the most. I love you mom!!

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My friend Nicole Spiezio used to make me scream by pretending to conduct the score to the housewives.

You guys this is the best time watching this right here

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Sunday stretch. The divine light in me recognizes the divine light in you ✨

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Idk about you but I am SO ready for @ashleytisdale to be back on my TV screen. 
cc: @MaskedDancerFOX

I am SO ready for this!!!

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For all my pregnant ladies, and we know 2020 has a lot of them 😉 I got my personal doula #lbreggy to give tips on how to upgrade your experience in the delivery room! Head to #frenshe Link in Bio!

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It’s the cat eye for me 😽 #jennakristina #bridgetbragerhair

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ITS HERE!! Listen to #Lemons to brighten your day!!

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