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I build things, stories, companies, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, & believe in a future where we all have a right to pursue happiness. +1 (319) 519-0576

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World Premiere! @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) interviews @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction. Watch it here ➡️ #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

there's opportunity all over this conversation. The Sound team believes climate will be innovation central going forward.

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Some of the brightest young minds in communities of color are disproportionately affected by systemic issues, and the pandemic is making things even worse. If you can, support the #AmericanDreamFund to help these students succeed.

will you always inspire through generosity. thank you

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#AskYourDeveloper is a must-read for any business looking to compete in the digital economy. Get your copy and learn how to take advantage of an underutilized asset that already exists in your company.

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Support the peaceful transition of power!!!!!!!! That’s being a patriot!

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Why can’t we get AstraZeneca approved? Much easier to distribute.

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“I fucking love the Bears.”
- San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle

This is a must watch for Bears fans.

(Video via 49ers YouTube)

George Kittle will officially be on every fantasy football team I ever have from now on.

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Replying to @ChiSportUpdates: “I fucking love the Bears.”
- San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle

This is a must watch for Bears fans.

(Video via…

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I've been reaching out to many of the people who supported Airbnb in our earliest days to say thanks. While there are a number of people who believed in us, without Ron Conway, Airbnb wouldn't be what it is today.

+1 Ron Conway is a true mentor.

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Mila & I are partnering w/Ray Dalio to offer 20,000 TisBest Charity Gift Cards $50 each to donate to the charity of your choice. No strings attached -our hope is you experience the joy of receiving a charitable gift. Claim your donation #RedefineGifting

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Along we the great group of folks listed below, I’m pleased to be offering 20,000 @TisBest Charity Gift Cards (at $50 each) for you to donate to your favorite charities.

There are no strings attached. (1/5)

Thank you for this inspired gifting idea!

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This is what this company is all about

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Knowing your neighbors may be more important than you think. Loneliness researchers in partnership with @nextdoor found that knowing as few as 6 neighbors can lead to a decrease in loneliness and social anxiety. #covid19

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“We need to do a good job of regulating this technology so it's not abused,” @aplusk Co-Founder @thorn says of the EU vote on online child sex abuse law. “Most importantly we need to protect the privacy of these kids. They didn't consent to their abuse being shared online.”

The right decision was made today by the EU legislators. Now we get to work crafting the best solution for the future and finding these kids and their abusers.

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Today we launch . An independent nonprofit inspired by the actions of a single host and the generosity of thousands of others who have opened their doors to people when they need it most. Join us at .

Keep leading with your hearts!🙌

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The EU has until Dec 21 to pass a bill that would allow tech companies to continue tracking child abuse material online.

It’s a complex debate, but Ashton Kutcher — yes, that Ashton Kutcher, actor-turned-investor — wants the EU to not stop the practice.

We see you.

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Time is running out to earn your spot to game with Ashton Kutcher @aplusk and Mila Kunis for @GivingTuesday, just two hours left -- of course, either way tune in at 5 p.m. Pacific to watch the fun!



see you tonight!

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Deliver some Happiness today!

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#eu #protectChildrenOnline the clock is ticking!

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I'm moving a bunch of my posts to text so that they are more relevant to you. If you are in the US text me +1 (319) 519-0576

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