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An uphill effort to conduct tests

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Visited the village of Nanguyi, where residents manage to enjoy their life even though a lockdown is imposed due to epidemic resurgence. Volunteers made up by young villagers offer to perform disinfection, supply delivery and checkpoint duty for the 4,500 residents.

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Reporting from virus-hit #Shijiazhuang. A makeshift quarantine venue of 3,000 wards under construction for 6 days about to be partially delivered

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Went for a nostalgic stroll around Shijiazhuang, my hometown and also a city of 10 million population on lockdown.

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First batch of discharged COVID-19 patients China's virus-hit city Shijiazhuang are transferred to recovery center for another 14 days of quarantine

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Reporting on #Shijiazhuang's second round of health screening. City buses have been transformed into mobile testing lab, providing free nucleic testing service for the 10 mln residents. The number of COVID-19 infections there has risen to over 400, highest in Chinese mainland.

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China's virus-hit lockdown city #Shijiazhuang finishes the first round of citywide health screening, reporting 354 infections among 10 million people.

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Replying to @XHNews: China's self-developed vaccine is administered en masse in the virus-hit lockdown city Shijiazhuang in North China. Xinhua repo…

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China's self-developed vaccine is administered en masse in the virus-hit lockdown city Shijiazhuang in North China. Xinhua reporter @XuZeyu_Philip took his first shot there. Let's see if it works out.

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China's coronavirus hotspot #Shijiazhuang implements strict citywide quarantine, due to last for at least 7 days

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A coronavirus test staff found his breath iced up after long-hour work in open space. The city of Shijiazhuang finished the three-day test for 11 million residents following infection reemergence.

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Readying myself for China’s homemade COVID-19 vaccination in virus-hit #Shijiazhuang

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A city of 11 mln people falls muted as all residential compounds are sealed for 7 days following a citywide coronavirus test in #Shijiazhuang, provincial capital of Hebei surrounding Beijing

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China locks down #Shijiazhuang, a 11 mln-population city only 3 hours’ drive from Beijing, due to recent coronavirus surge. Train station completely empty as inbound and outbound service ceased.

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Makeshift massive test center built in Hebei after coronavirus infection surge

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Quoted @WilliamTurton

Pretty chill vibe here in this hotel lobby, as Trump supporters decompress from today’s events. All are violating local mask rules, despite multiple massive signs about the mask rule.

The rule is, there are no rules

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China's #Shijiazhuang to finish the city-wide coronavirus test for 11 mln residents in 3 days. The new variant that led to the new surge was said to have originated from Russia, as the first few cases were discovered in the village near Shijiazhuang int'l airport.

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Quoted @jooeysiiu

Let me be clear, there is no way for anyone to justify what is happening in the States today with what happened in Hong Kong.

Yes both went inside the legislative chamber but one with determination to sacrifice for defending democracy and one trying to damage it.


A. As if someone is justifying that.
B. Surprised to see a HK rioter acknowledge what they did was “damaging democracy”.

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China’s #Shijiazhuang enters de facto lockdown after reporting 90 infections in four days. The once buzzing business street is cleared of vehicles

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Quoted @ForeignAffairs

“Unlike Chinese election meddling, which appears designed to influence U.S. policy toward Beijing, the Kremlin’s schemes have a more diffuse aim: to sap Americans’ trust in their democracy and to magnify the already dramatic polarization of U.S. society.”

Some are still indulging themselves with self-engrossed delusion with the reek of persecution complex. Try to be responsible for your own blunder for once pls.

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