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France registers 16,642 new #coronavirus cases in 24 hours, raising the total of confirmed cases to nearly three million

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California's #COVID19 cases close to 3 million

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Low-altitude sea defense penetration, live ammunition discharge... Chinese Air Force carries out training in south China

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Coronavirus Watch in Mideast, Jan. 17:
--Iran buys 16.8 mln COVID-19 vaccines from COVAX
--Turkey's tally of infections reaches 2,387,101
--Israel's total number of cases hits 547,689
--Lebanon signs deal to buy Pfizer vaccines

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Russian opposition leader Alexei #Navalny was detained upon his arrival in Moscow from Germany, where he received medical treatment for alleged poisoning

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Another 38,598 people in Britain have tested positive for #COVID19, the lowest daily increase since the start of 2021

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Lack of #COVID19 vaccine rollout data in U.S. long-term-care facilities raises public concern

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Russia recorded 23,586 more #COVID19 cases over the past 24 hours, raising the national total to 3,568,209, including 65,566 deaths

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In age of globalization, no country can either preserve or promote its own interests without considering those of others. Win-win cooperation for shared benefits is the only viable solution. Read Opinion: A Swiss army knife to fix global problems

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A 95-year-old patient with severe symptoms has recovered following treatment in Liaoning #COVID19 Treatment Shenyang Center. China has found effective therapies to tackle the virus

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Los Angeles becomes first county in U.S. to surpass 1 million #COVID19 cases

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China's renowned Nankai University has a history stretching back 100 years. In its early days, it served as a major platform for fostering patriotism and resisting Japanese aggression. Today, the Nankai spirit is still remembered by many, including Chinese President Xi Jinping

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The death toll of a 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Indonesia's West Sulawesi province has risen to 73 with over 27,000 people taking shelters

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Whose hand is behind some of the ongoing and prolonged conflicts around the world?
Check out this edition of #GLOBALink to find out what locals and Xinhua correspondents in Kabul, Damascus and Tripoli have to say

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Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has wrapped up a four-nation tour in Southeast Asia. Find out what experts have to say about Wang's latest visits to China's four neighbors. #GLOBALink

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102 #COVID19 infections in Jilin, NE China, are transmitted by an asymptomatic case from neighboring Heilongjiang

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A centralized medical observation center with 3,000 rooms is near completion, after 5 days of construction in Zhengding county in Hebei, China. #COVID19

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China has continuously provided support to Africa aimed at fighting #COVID19 at a time when the continent needed it the most, Zambian experts have said

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Africa's number of #COVID19 cases surpassed 3.23 million with a death toll of 78,313 as of Sunday

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