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World Health Organization (WHO)

We are the #UnitedNations’ health agency - #HealthForAll.
▶️ Always check our latest tweets on #COVID19 for updated advice/information.

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Quoted @WHO

"Today marks #ZeroDiscriminationDay – a day to draw attention to the numerous barriers that stand between people and the health services they need.

All over the world, inequality, stigma and discrimination are, and have always been, drivers of diseases of all kinds"-@DrTedros

"And it’s a timely reminder of our focus on health equality for #WorldHealthDay this year, with the theme of “Building a fairer, healthier world.”

Ultimately, health is not just a matter of science and medicine – it’s a matter of human rights"-@DrTedros

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"And in #Ethiopia, the ongoing conflict in the Tigray region has put many health facilities and hospitals out of action.

We are deeply concerned about the risk of diseases due to lack of food, clean water, shelter and access to health care"-@DrTedros

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"We are also concerned about the reported arrest of #healthworkers in #Myanmar that could affect the response to #COVID19 and the delivery of other essential health services"-@DrTedros

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"5+ million people are now at risk of famine. And already, 1/2 a million children under 5 could die from hunger in the coming weeks, unless they receive urgent treatment. We thank those donors who have made contributions so far. These contributions must be sustained"-@DrTedros

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"As I mentioned on Friday, today 🇸🇪,🇨🇭 and the @UN are hosting a High-Level Pledging Event for #Yemen, seeking to raise more than $3.8 billion, for more than 20 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance"-@DrTedros

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"This is a global crisis that requires a consistent and coordinated global response.

And we must remember that for millions of people, #COVID19 is just one threat they face on a daily basis"-@DrTedros

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Quoted @WHO

"Vaccines will help to save lives, but if countries rely solely on vaccines, they’re making a mistake.

Basic public health measures remain the foundation of the #COVID19 response"-@DrTedros

"For public health authorities, that means testing, contact tracing, isolation, supported quarantine and quality care.

For individuals, it means avoiding crowds, physical distancing, hand hygiene, masks and ventilation"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #InThisTogether

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Quoted @WHO

"In the past week, the number of reported cases of #COVID19 increased for the first time in 7 weeks.

Reported cases increased in four of WHO’s six regions: the Americas, Europe, South East Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

This is disappointing, but not surprising"-@DrTedros

"We’re working to better understand these increases in #COVID19 transmission.

Some of it appears to be due to relaxing of public health measures, continued circulation of variants, and people letting down their guard"-@DrTedros

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"Even as #COVID19 vaccines continue to roll out, we urge all governments and individuals to remember that vaccines alone will not keep you safe"-@DrTedros

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"WHO & #COVAX partners will continue to work day & night towards our vision of seeing vaccination start in every country within the first 100 days of this year. There are now 40 days left.

We can only realize this vision with the support & cooperation of all partners"-@DrTedros

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"Countries are not in a race with each other, this is a common race against the #COVID19 virus.

We’re not asking countries to put their own people at risk. We’re asking all countries to be part of a global effort to suppress the virus everywhere"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity

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Quoted @WHO

"It’s encouraging to see #healthworkers in lower-income countries starting to be vaccinated [against #COVID19], but it’s regrettable that this comes almost three months after some of the wealthiest countries started their vaccination campaigns"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity

"And it’s regrettable that some countries continue to prioritize vaccinating younger, healthier adults at lower risk of disease in their own populations ahead of #healthworkers and older people elsewhere"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity

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"Tomorrow, #COVAX will publish the first round of allocations, covering the majority of economies participating in the COVAX Facility"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #VaccinEquity

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"A further 11 million doses will be delivered this week.

Between now and the end of May, 237 million doses of #COVID19 vaccines will be allocated to 142 participating economies in #COVAX"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity

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Media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros

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