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15.8 million new jobs. 20 million more people insured. 165,000 troops home from war. Serving as your VP was the greatest honor of my life.

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.@drbiden and I had a great time with great company on @TheView with Whoopi, Joy, Paula, and Jedidiah.

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Back to Chicago. Thinking about the journey from that night in Grant Park eight years ago. Join us one last time:

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Jan 20, Jill and I will head home to Delaware the same way I have for 44 years: by train. Serving this country has been our greatest honor.

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I strongly condemn today's cowardly terrorist attack in Jerusalem and pray for the victims, the wounded, and their families.

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What Joe Biden has meant to me, a survivor of sexual violence #ThankYouJoe

More survivors will ask for help because of your courage, @CarinaKolodny. We must never stop fighting for a world free from abuse.

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Approximately 1 in every 5 women in college experience rape or sexual assault. #ItsOnUs to make it stop:

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Happy New Year from Jill and me. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy year ahead in 2017.

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Merry Christmas from all the Bidens. For all those troops serving abroad, away from their families today, know that you're in our hearts.

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Replying to @DrBiden: Happy holidays from the Bidens! Hosting at the @VP's Residence over these 8 years has been the honor of a lifetime: https://t.…

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Happy holidays from the Bidens! Hosting at the @VP's Residence over these 8 years has been the honor of a lifetime:

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Violence against women is a crime. The Justice for All Reauthorization Act signed today provides funds to fight it:

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After saving Santa at @CapitalWheel, #SuperKaheem is ready to set sail for his next mission! #KaheemSavesDC @fox5dc ⛴🚨

Good luck on your mission today, #SuperKaheem! We’re all rooting for you here at the White House. #KaheemSavesDC

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Craig Sager died as he lived—with courage, passion, perseverance. Fearless and hopeful, a real hero.

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A special message from @VP to those impacted by cancer: #GetCovered for 1/1 by going to by 12/15

Tomorrow: Last day to sign up for health insurance starting 1/1. It matters. Especially in our fight against cancer.

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The #CuresAct signed today shows government at its best. It shows that our politics can still come together to do big, consequential things.

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One of the last times I'll preside over an actual Senate vote count. A lot of lives will be saved by this bill, God willing. #CuresAct

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Fight, fight, fight for Delaware! Congratulations to the whole @DelawareFH team on winning their first-ever @NCAA championship.

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Congrats to the people of Colombia and @JuanManSantos on your Congress approving the peace accord. Excited to be there with you all tonight.

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Tonight’s House #CuresAct vote is a big step for cancer research & the #CancerMoonshot. Look forward to passage so we can sign it into law.

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