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.@YouTubeLiaison Matt Koval asked creators like @MollyBOfficial, @garyvee and @NathanZed for their best tips for your channel in 2021. Check out their advice:

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Quoted @Chen

Today marks my 6th year at @YouTube β€” it has been an unbelievable journey getting to work on this platform and for the Gaming community. Truly never a dull moment and I expect one hell of a 2021 ahead of us.

Congrats, Lester @Chen - we're so glad to have you at @YouTubeGaming!!

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Amazing way to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday: people from around the world came together to create a Global Ode to Joy. Watch and be inspired: #GlobalOdeToJoy

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This @youtube video summary of 2020 was emotional for me - some laughs, some tears. It has been a difficult year. Thanks to all creators helping us get through these hard times. #ThisIsHow

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Indigenous creators like Nancy Risol and @RenataFloresR are sharing their cultural experiences on YouTube and making an impact. This year, the top six indigenous creators in Ecuador brought in over 100 million views! Watch more:

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Quoted @YouTubeIndia

A year we'll never forget. But let's remember it by how we all came together to enjoy, entertain and learn.

Here's to looking back at 2020 with our Top Music Videos, Top Trending videos, Top Creators and Top Breakout Creators πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


From @TheAaryanKartik to @Bhuvan_Bam to @rachana_ranade, check out India's top videos, creators and artists of 2020!

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Check out YouTube's first Culture & Trends Report! @shockallocca's team put together an interactive video experience to show us the current state of digital culture, from 5 billion views of home workouts to 40 million views of virtual choirs:

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Replying to @sundarpichai: Thank you to the scientific community for the amazing work to develop effective COVID-19 vaccines. As the world turns its…

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Quoted @US_FDA

Today, FDA issued the first emergency use authorization (EUA) for a vaccine for the prevention of #COVID19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older. The emergency use authorization allows the vaccine to be distributed in the U.S.

Thank you to the scientific community for the amazing work to develop effective COVID-19 vaccines. As the world turns its focus to deployment, we’re helping these efforts by ensuring people can find accurate and timely information across our products.

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Quoted @Valkyrae

somehow was nominated and somehow won Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards LOL tHANK YOU wow ow ow ow

Congrats @Valkyrae on Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards!!! It is fantastic to see your hard work rewarded with this amazing honor. πŸ†πŸ‘

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Looking forward to #Thankmas, @Jack_Septic_Eye!

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Quoted @NerdECrafter

YouTube Rewind Artists Edition is now available to watch here:
@PhillyD @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @YTCreators

What a great way to wrap up the year - love your creativity, @NerdEcrafter!!

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This year the YouTube Gaming community is growing and giving back. More than 80,000 Gaming creators hit 100,000 subs, over 1,000 hit 5 million subs and over 350 reached 10 million subscribers! Find out more about the year in gaming on our blog:

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Quoted @GavinNewsom

NEW: CA has partnered with @Google and @Apple to launch a #COVID19 exposure notification app, CA Notify.

Starting Thursday, you can opt in to get push notifications on your phone if you have been exposed to COVID-19.

This is 100% private & secure.


Replying to @sundarpichai: California is facing one of its biggest challenges yet in its fight against COVID-19. CA Notify with the exposure notific…

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California is facing one of its biggest challenges yet in its fight against COVID-19. CA Notify with the exposure notification technology we developed with @Apple will be a helpful tool as we work together to slow the spread. Thank you @GavinNewsom for your leadership.

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At YouTube, we've been looking closely at how our policies and products are working for everyone, and specifically for the Black community. Today we're sharing an update:

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Quoted @youtubemusic

🌍 ATTN: #BLINKS 🌍 2020 #BLACKPINK: #THESHOW is coming exclusively to YouTube on Dec 27th, 12am EST / 2pm KST. Get members-only access to a unique livestream concert experience with @BLACKPINK #λΈ”λž™ν•‘ν¬ β†’

So excited for this, @BLACKPINK!!

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Quoted @MatPatGT

Still recovering from yesterday and processing the idea that we raised $3M+ in 10 hours. Thank you, thank you for everything.

$3M+ to fight childhood cancer - wow! Congrats and big thanks to @MatPatGT and @CordyPatrick! I loved joining the Challenge to raise funds for @StJude. If you missed the livestream, it's not too late to support St. Jude’s important work:

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What did the world watch on YouTube in 2020? Check out our latest blog post from @shockallocca to find out our top 10 trending videos of the year, plus our top creators, breakout creators & top music videos.

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What a great piece about creator @AbroadInJapan who "spotlights resilient locals in Japan in wake of 2011 tsunami." Read more:

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Quoted @RoomtoRead

3 ways to support education this #CyberMonday:

#2: Starting today, your generosity will be TRIPLED by @annewoj23 & @SusanWojcicki, in honor of their mother Esther, a lifelong educator, and in honor of all educators supporting children. Donate today:

Love @RoomtoRead's work to support children all over the world to have a quality education! This is a great chance to enable more kids and their families live better lives.

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