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Meet #GalaxyWatchActive2! Here's a quick unboxing and first look of the Galaxy Watch Active2.

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#GalaxyBudsPro gives you immersive sound like never before.
Here's a quick unboxing and first look of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

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With Dolby Head Tracking™ technology, #GalaxyBudsPro’s 360 Audio shifts you into the centerstage of the scene. #SamsungUnpacked
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Behold online-exclusive colors to showcase your personality. #GalaxyS21 Plus #SamsungUnpacked
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Now you can light up the night and capture it in vivid color. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus. #SamsungUnpacked
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Get up closer, and closer with a 30x Space Zoom. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus. #SamsungUnpacked
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Shoutout to all @BTS_twt fans – #SamsungUnpacked wouldn’t have been as fun without you. 💜 As thanks – and for those still looking for high-res shots – we think you’ll like what you find here:

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Beauty is all in the details. #GalaxyS21 and Galaxy S21 Plus. #SamsungUnpacked
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Add some style to your epic, with online-exclusive colors for #GalaxyS21 Ultra that complement its sophisticated contour-cut camera design. #SamsungUnpacked
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Experience the power of running multiple mobile apps, seamlessly, right from your PC. @Windows #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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The fastest chip ever in Galaxy. #Galaxy21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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That’s a total vibe. 🤳🌲🙌

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Hyperfast 5G keeps you one step ahead, wherever you’re connected. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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Enjoy high-quality selfies anytime and anywhere. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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Portraits get a face lift. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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The highest resolution video available in a smartphone. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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Designed to protect from splashes, raindrops and dust. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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📸: @BTS_twt’s #JungKook puts the #GalaxyS21 in a new light.
#GalaxyxBTS Learn more:

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Designed to be epic in every way, with a revolutionary camera experience and powerful performance.
Introducing the new #Samsung #GalaxyS21 Ultra.
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