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Feeling guilted into catering to someone else’s needs is common. Many times it’s a result of not having difficult yet needed conversations. Face those moments because if you give some people a little, they will take and take until a tipping point.

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Give what you can give, not what you can borrow.

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Taking a moment to realize what we are grateful for can help a struggling perspective. This has been an unprecedented year in most of our lives. I’m grateful ‘that the powerful play goes on and we get to contribute a verse.’

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Just because something “isn’t you” does not mean it isn’t. Stay curious. An open, logical mind is quite an asset.

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Put more into making a change, not an excuse.

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After three decades of @undertaker committing wholeheartedly to the @WWE, tonight we bear witness to the end of an extraordinary body of work. For all the in ring moments and as a member of the @WWEUniverse, I say #ThankYouTaker! #SurvivorSeries #Undertaker30

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Work hard, but never get lost in what you’re working for.

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When you can love without fear, the result is joy.

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Accountability, owning ones truth, and inspiration (among others) are current popular buzz words. They are easy to say and sound so powerful. As with most trends, many say it, very few face themselves and do the work in hopes for genuine growth. Be the few. Do the work.

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Archiving moments is important but be careful not to let the capturing of the moment exceed the importance of the moment.

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Be just a little more giving than you were yesterday.

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Learning and growth from positive or unfortunate experiences can be much stronger takeaways than explaining your actions to the world.

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Replying to @WWEIndia: It's HE, the guy you can't SEE, @JohnCena wishing the WWE Universe in #India a #HappyDiwali!

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It's HE, the guy you can't SEE, @JohnCena wishing the WWE Universe in #India a #HappyDiwali!

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Treat conversation less like a competition and more like an opportunity.

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If people reach out to you only when they can gain and benefit from your life, take notice. True “family” weathers both the highs and lows of life and does the work to forge lasting and meaningful bonds where ALL involved gain and grow.

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The recent surge in awareness of the importance to vote and how much our voice can be heard is heartwarming. Let us not forget those who’ve served to allow us this right. #VeteransDay

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If you consistently see only the burden in opportunities and ignore the potential, get comfortable where you are because you might be there for a while.

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Think less about being a trend. Think more about being authentically you.

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We are all characters in the powerful play. Many of the most rewarding roles belong to those vulnerable enough to believe in themselves.

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Never just see the finish line. Embrace the courage to start and the perseverance of the journey.

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