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Hillary Clinton

2016 Democratic Nominee, SecState, Senator, hair icon. Mom, Wife, Grandma x3, lawyer, advocate, fan of walks in the woods & standing up for our democracy.

New York, NY

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“It’s like termites eating wood,” @mariaressa of Rappler told me, of disinformation's effect on democracy. “It looks solid, but the minute you step on it, it’ll break.”

We talked about why our republic may be weaker than we think—and how to shore it up.

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Social media algorithms actively boosted COVID-19 conspiracy content marked as false, according to a study by @onwardtogether partner @accountabletech. Misinformation is another deadly epidemic we need to get smart about combating.

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Quoted @nytimes

Hillary Clinton is working with Louise Penny on an upcoming thriller novel. “State of Terror” will follow a novice secretary of state who faces the daunting task of rebuilding American leadership after years of diminishing influence abroad.

My first work of fiction, but drawing from some life experience!

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Our International Women's Day event to support Democrats running for office keeps on getting bigger.

@TheAmandaGorman will now join @TeamPelosi, @chrissyteigen, and me on March 8.

We’d love to see you there.

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Thanks to Joe McNally for a portrait so good I’ve used it for two books now!

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I'm thrilled to be writing my first book of fiction with Louise Penny, one of my favorite authors and a dear friend. Get ready for some high-stakes diplomacy and treachery.

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We can have democracy, or we can have tech companies with unbridled control of the information landscape. But we can't have both.

Don't miss my conversations with @tristanharris of @humanetech_ and @mariaressa of @Rapplerdotcom on You And Me Both.

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Quoted @POTUS

500,000 lives lost to COVID-19. It’s an unfathomable number, but each one represents a family that will never again be whole. To those who have lost loved ones: I know no words can numb the pain, but I hope you find some solace in knowing the nation grieves with you.

To begin to heal, we must recognize the depth and breadth of our loss.

My heart goes out to everyone mourning.

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We need a new language of hope. @TheAmandaGorman is writing it.

Listen to our conversation on the season two debut of You And Me Both, recorded just before TIME included her on their 100Next list.

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Replying to @ClimateEnvoy: Today’s the day. We’re officially back in the Paris Agreement - again part of the global climate effort. No country can f…

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Quoted @FeedingTexas

❄️⚡Texas food banks need your help during this extreme winter weather event and energy crisis. Our network is supporting warming shelters, experiencing supply chain disruptions and losing food due to outages. Donate NOW to help feed your neighbors in need!

Supporting @FeedingTexas is another great opportunity to help Texans in need. Please pitch in if you can.

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Don't vote for anyone you wouldn't trust with your dog.

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Today’s the day. We’re officially back in the Paris Agreement - again part of the global climate effort. No country can fight this fight on its own. We look forward to a productive year and a successful #COP26 in Glasgow. #GoodToBeBack

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Here's how to help those affected by the extreme weather in Texas, and how to get help if you need it. Stay safe.

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Replying to @JoaquinCastrotx: Millions of Texans are cold and in the dark during a dangerous winter storm—and I led the Texas delegation expressing…

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I can't think of better company for International Women's Day than @speakerpelosi and @chrissyteigen.

Become an @onwardtogether member and join us for our March 8 conversation to help elect more Democratic women to office.

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LOOK: The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City is demolished. The hotel has been closed since 2014


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Millions of Texans are cold and in the dark during a dangerous winter storm—and I led the Texas delegation expressing our grave concerns that power outages are not distributed fairly.

Texans deserve immediate answers and accountability from @ERCOT_ISO, and their power restored.

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As we turned the page to a new administration, @TheAmandaGorman saw "hope and kindness re-enter American rhetoric." She also became a national phenomenon.

Don't miss my conversation with this extraordinary young woman in You & Me Both's season 2 debut.

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I'm thinking of everyone facing power outages and extreme weather in Texas today. If you're not affected and looking to help, there are some good options at the bottom of this @texastribune piece.

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Quoted @douglassincork

During #DouglassWeek, we've been inspired by the women in Douglass’s life on both sides of the Atlantic. What better way to end this remarkable week than with this group of strong women: @EmmaDabiri @hazechu @EbunJoseph1 @DouglassFamily @MaryRobinsonCtr @suzannelynch1

This looks like a great event to celebrate Frederick Douglass's birthday on Sunday.

He didn't know his actual birthdate, so he chose to mark it on Valentine's Day in honor of his mother. She called him "Little Valentine."

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