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Quoted @officialDannyT

So sorry to hear about your dogs @ladygaga, we got people out there looking for them. ❤️

How about looking for the person who SHOT the dog walker.

Why is the dog walker being SHOT not the top line story in this whole thing?!

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Quoted @ComplexMusic

.@BigSean and @YG link up on "Go Big." 🤝


This right here slaps!

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Quoted @TheRealAntonioA

I legit thought she was gonna be the next R&B superstar

Mathew Knowles had other plans.

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Quoted @electic_me

@FatGirl_fashion Was that necessary ?

Not at all. I don’t know why some adults find causing children trauma funny.

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Quoted @BlockClubCHI

Get your chairs outta the street! "Dibs" items will be picked up and thrown out by city garbage crews starting Tuesday.

Not of the south side. The city would have to shovel the snow first.

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Quoted @raffysoanti

this shit will never not be funny

Now if lil man would have turned around and slap fire from dude I wouldn’t be mad.

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Quoted @kissmy_freckles

Lawd we went out of town for a few days and my mama had my baby cleaning greens.

Granny got everyone earning they keep 😂😂😂😂😂

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Quoted @Wayno119

Lean wit it & Laffy Taffy would’ve had TikTok BOOMIN

Knockin ya hear me!

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Quoted @dayanapreval

I sure did

This is when I learned that your favorite shows can be taken away from you.

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In this era of colorism you have to come battle ready.

On the blog I’m sharing 5 Daily Affirmations For Dark Skin Women & Girls.

@sotonbloggers @sincerelyessie @Influencer_RT @blogandbeyond @Cbeechat

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Quoted @Toniesha_Renee

Bobby in Telfar is beautiful

I hope they also get Bobby therapy.

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Quoted @Fashionista_com

.@SavageXFenty casts first little person brand ambassador:

Ms. @rihanna leaves no dollar left behind.

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Quoted @ReaganGomez

Ya’ll going back to buffets when we go back maskless?

No. Not at all. Hard pass!

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Challenged accepted!
I created an @Eloquii look for every day of the week using 4 #XOQ pieces.


#BlacksWhoBlog @BBlogRT #thegirlgang @wakeup_blog
#TheBlogNetwork @bloggeroppsrt @GlobalBlogShare #GRLPOWR @QualityBlogRT

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Will people ever become comfortable with seeing plus size bodies. Will plus size bodies showing skin ever rule the world? My fat body can’t be shamed.

@thebloggersknot #TeacupClub #LittleBlogRT #bloggingtribe @BloggerVue

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J cole: But damn, why I feel faker than Snow on Tha Bluff? Well maybe 'cause deep down I know I ain't doing enough

Black women: Baby boy respect is just the minimum

@FemaleBloggerRT @LovingBlogs @Blogginggals #Bloggerblast @BBlogRT @blackswhoblog

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Win Friends and Influence People

As an adult trying to add new friends to your life can make you cringe.

@RetweetBloggers @bloggeration_ #TheClqRT @LovingBlogs #bloggersoc #BlackLGBTQ

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Update‼️ This dress is now available in another color

Social Media and The Plus-Size Community. Post on with direct links to both dresses

Bandeau Maxi Dress
Rose Pink
Black Bandeau

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Hello to my new followers:

>I own the lifestyle blog @FatGirl_fashion 🙌🏽
> I’m a fact based contributing writer
>I live in Chicago #Southside
> CPS grad 👩🏽‍🎓- Degree in process
>I travel 🛫, tell jokes 😂, & love hard 💕
> My DMs👂🏽are open for stories that need to be shared!

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