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Mercenary/ Not a Hero/ Artist/ Gamer/ Lone Wolf/likes to drive his car around the city/loves guns & ammo/hates criminals/crime fighter/merc with the mouth

Houston, TX

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Well I wasn’t expecting my dream last night to go from normal to experiencing the birds and the bees....time for another weird dream!
(Left personality) Wait if the night before involved horror and last night was NSFW then what dream would tonight have in stock for us.
Me: 🤷🏻‍♂️

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To all my followers I would never charge you to view my tweets. I can never do that to my friends and fellow Deadpool fans. Charging people on Twitter to view tweets is just a fucking rip off! 🖕🏻I will always keep my page free and open for everyone.

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Twitter: Lets charge people.
Only Fans:

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RIP Fry’s Electronics (1985-2021)

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Well that was a weird dream I had last night. Had a dream I was in my house pointing my shotgun at the hallway entry to blast any monsters coming though the hallway door while sitting on a floor cabinet in the kitchen. And the lights were dim....
Time for another weird dream!!

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Deadpool will always be rated R. My Deadpool 3 movie will make history to be the very first Rated R movie on Disney. I’m the fouled mouth Merc that can’t be reasoned with when it comes to the big screen and suck it Disney...and you too Wolverine!

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When I saw Blade trending I thought there might be Deadpool/Blade crossover, but it seems that the new Blade is gonna be rated PG-13 while my 3rd movie is gonna be rated R. What a load of shit! Blade should always be rated R.

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When I saw Leon trending under gaming I thought it had to do something about a possible Resident Evil 4 remake. But it’s just some Pokémon character named Leon....

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I washed all my bed sheets, pillows , and clothes last night after the water lines were disinfected. It feels nice to be back on a clean soft bed. Now off to dream world where this Merc can have his wild dreams until sun rise...

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I was waiting in line last year at a Walmart and I was talking to some guy when we noticed we both noticed we wore Deadpool shirts. Then our conversation topic moved to phones. I told him “just wait Apple is gonna release an IPhone 13 by 2021.” And why am I not surprised...

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Me looking for any updates for Metroid Prime 4 when Samus started trending.

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🍌: I have a demon inside of meeee!!

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Nice one Pickles!

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Took your slow asses long enough! After almost 8 days I can finally take a shower! I couldn’t take a shower due to no heat and power during the snow storm in Texas and the pipes bursted after the snow melted causing the water lines to be contaminated with bacteria. Waters clean!

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What a great Christmas special by Metalocalypse. Do you know how difficult it was not to laugh my ass off at this??

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Toki: No more hamburger time!

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I sleep now...

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#Toonami See ya! 😁

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