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Father, grandfather, 42nd President of the United States, Founder, Clinton Foundation. Follow @ClintonFdn for more on our work around the world.

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David Dinkins was an extraordinary public servant who made NYC fairer, better, and stronger. He was calm on the outside, and burned with a passion for justice on the inside. Until the end, he never stopped fighting for the city he loved and celebrating its “gorgeous mosaic.”

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Dear @JoeBiden,

Happy birthday to you, #46

From #42

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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, our work has expanded — from providing hundreds of thousands of meals to developing free resources to support early learning at home.

Tonight, we gathered (virtually) to celebrate the work of the Foundation community — including 5 inspiring leaders.

This year, we’ve seen so many people rise to the moment to offer hope and a helping hand to those in need — through acts of kindness big and small. Proud of the work of @ClintonFdn and our partners.

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There are proven ways to make the dream of homeownership a reality for more Americans.

I hope you’ll join me, Sec. @JulianCastro, Mayor @KeishaBottoms, @SanjivDasCHL, and @LISCMaurice as we discuss now.

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Liza Ashley was a wonderful woman, a fabulous cook, and an important part of our family at the Governor’s Mansion. I’m grateful for her long, good life and the chance to be a part of it.

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Today and every day we should honor the sacrifices of those have worn our nation’s uniform in war and in peace: those who gave their lives, those who came home, and those who still serve. To all of America’s veterans and your families, thank you.

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Hillary and I loved watching Alex Trebek on Jeopardy through the years. He made knowledge fun and valuable. We will miss him very much.

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America has spoken and democracy has won. Now we have a President-Elect and Vice President-Elect who will serve all of us and bring us all together. Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on your momentous victory!

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Hillary and I just proudly cast our ballots for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They will work tirelessly to heal our divisions and build a better future for all of us. If you haven’t done so already, vote today!

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Phil Lee was a brilliant, compassionate physician and public servant who devoted himself to expanding access to quality health care for all Americans, and played a key role in implementing Medicare. I am grateful for his outstanding service, including in my Administration.

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If you are registered to vote in New York and planning to vote absentee, today is the last day to request a ballot (other than by requesting it in-person). You can learn more here:

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And if you’re not planning to vote by mail—early in-person voting has already begun, and you can also always vote on Election Day! Look up your polling site here: 

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A happy birthday for Hillary: 

✔️A great day with family 
✔️ Chardonnay toast with friends (virtually)
✔️A long walk in the woods

There’s only one more thing that will make her day perfect, and we need your help: Everyone get out and vote!

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I was saddened to hear about the passing of Jerry Jeff Walker. I’ll never forget seeing him at the Armadillo music hall in Austin in 1972, or his performance for my 1992 campaign the night before Election Day. He was a true original, and his music will live on.

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I am deeply concerned over reports of violence in Lagos and urge the Nigerian government to engage in peaceful dialogue with the #EndSARS protestors for police reform and an end to corruption.

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In two weeks, we could call this birthday girl Madam Vice President.

Those two weeks can’t come soon enough.

Happy Birthday @KamalaHarris!

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Today: President @BillClinton and @Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga will host “Small Businesses, Big Opportunities,” a new virtual series to address racial and economic disparities in the wake of COVID-19.

Watch: #RebuildSmallBiz

You can't build an inclusive democracy without an inclusive economy. America can only succeed when all our people are given the opportunity to succeed.
I hope you’ll join us now for this important conversation: #RebuildSmallBiz

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Replying to @NewsHour: "If courage remains our constant companion, then my fellow Americans, I am confident we shall overcome."

As part of @TheLBJS

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"If courage remains our constant companion, then my fellow Americans, I am confident we shall overcome."

As part of @TheLBJSchool's 50th anniversary, hear part of LBJ's last public speech — read in part by four living former U.S. presidents.

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October 11th was a beautiful day 45 years ago. Still is. The bride was beautiful too. And still is. Happy Anniversary, Hillary. I love you.

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