In 2009, @POTUS bet on American autoworkers. And today, our auto industry has come roaring back.

In 2009, @POTUS bet on American autoworkers. And today, our auto industry has come roaring back.

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@ConstantlyFun Profile picture Ross M.


 4 years ago

@ringer_01 alright, so if obama is a part of ISIS where are your sources? Give me three that aren't Breitbart or Fox

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@susanszil Profile picture Susan Szilagyi


 4 years ago

@OhhEtzy @WhiteHouse @POTUS So Trump is credited for what Obama did 8 years ago?

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS are you joking! Obama progress was building ISIS the way I see it!

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@Slickwilly224 Profile picture Will hickey


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS lol. Are you claiming this is Obamas doing? Lmfao. Laughable. Thanks Trump!

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS~ It's great to see jobs and growth come back here via automobiles! Great job? One more reason I'm proud to be an American

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS You know I will probably stop following both your accounts tomorrow. Thanks for the past 8 years President Obama.

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@opacj1 Profile picture Cecil Johnson


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS you have given each American a reason to be proud. Thank you sir.

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS the best thing you did just smiling! Thanks for nothing....

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@_Etzy_ Profile picture E


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS you have got to be stupid if you dont realize the auto industry coming back is from trump

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@MurseFed Profile picture Richard Hopson


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS big mistake.

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We cut our dependence on foreign oil, doubled our renewable energy, and led the world to a climate agreement that could save our planet.

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Together, we made sure that health care is a right, not a privilege. More than 20 million Americans have gained coverage thanks to the ACA.

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In 2009, the unemployment rate hit 10%. Together, we’ve cut that by more than half.

 4,919  74  1,957

Thanks to your grit and determination, American businesses have produced the longest stretch of job creation in our history.

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We've made real progress together these past eight years. Let’s take a look back:

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