#CriticalRoleSpoilers as I've said I bring it to space a lot

luxon as light, like a star (and in those instances, tharizdun specifically) as a cold void. a black hole.

heat and life. Entropy.

possibility via potential / abstraction through corruption

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 1 month ago

@Wally_Wests (no disrespect btw! i don’t really believe or disbelieve the moon theory-i’m not really one for that kind of thing, i’m just along for the ride)

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 1 month ago

@Wally_Wests yeah, yeah. space, the moon, that’s rough buddy.


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#CriticalRoleSpoilers All this. Matt's very deliberate with his language and what feelings he wants it to evoke

I deeply dont think the luxon is Bad. I think like a sun's hot rays, it can still hurt. it can be misused. But as it is, i dont see it as malevolent

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers the way my mind is RACING

if y'all have followed me.. you KNOW the theories I've talked about .. with the Luxon
and it having a counterpart


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#CriticalRole Welcome to the Dark mirror of the Luxon dream, Caleb

Where as that was hopeful and warm

this is a nightmare

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