@SamsungIndia 8K Video & Low light camera Camera 📸 My favourite features from #GalaxyS21 🌞😘😘

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#ContestAlert Which feature did you find the most epic in the #GalaxyS21 Series?
This is the last question for the day. Don’t miss this one. Answer in the comments below using #SamsungUnpacked and you could be one of the first 21 to win* the latest #GalaxyS21 5G (Ready).

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I'm glad I'm done with league it ate so much of my life and tilted me to a new chapter 🤝


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Pierwszy rok kariery, od Maja zacząłem przygodę i udało się naprawdę osiągnąć wiele, a to dopiero początek! Dziękuje za ten 2020 rok, jesteście niesamowici! 2021 miejmy nadzieje będzie jeszcze lepszych rokiem, chociaż będzie o to ciężko <3 #TwitchRecap

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Maybe @grehpo should flash his booty for more views.

This is like getting Nickleback as your top artist of 2020 on Spotify... oh wait I did... #TwitchRecap

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