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@SamsungIndia Ans 1:-️

Answer 2:-Samsung Galaxy S10+ was the first 5g device launched on March 8th, 2019
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That’s not a fair call @UDWJPP he has to use his legs he only has 7 fingers #SaintsvsBucs #NFLPlayoffs

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Dinner was bomb...let's see what this saints/bucs game looking like #NFLPlayoffs

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The Buccaneers return defense
#nfl #NFLPlayoffs

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I got the best seats in the house for this game #NFLPlayoffs

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JPP has been the league a long damn time.


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Phenomenal penalty by JPP!
Likely saved a TD

#NFL #NFLPlayoffs #Buccaneers

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“JPP two minutes in the box, tripping” @mccaigaustin34 #NOvsTB #NFLPlayoffs

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Dude ain’t even try to tackle Kamara he tripped him like we used to do in the hallways #saywhatsayitagain #NFLPlayoffs

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