Start off 2021 light. It’s packaged with what you need, and nothing that will clutter up your drawers. #GalaxyS21 Ultra #SamsungUnpacked
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@jjoshh4 @SamsungMobile samsung really made us all clowns 🤡

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@kiiotae @SamsungMobile tell em 😭🙁

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@A7beeny1 Profile picture Fahad Khaldi


 3 days ago

@SamsungMobile no charger lol 😂 c'mon man 🤦‍♂️

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@SamsungMobile Want to win this smartphone galaxy s21 ultra ❤️🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 one big reason for it is because I never won any giveaway 😔😔

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@SamsungMobile #SamsungUnpacked
what they. what we have:

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@jjoshh4 Profile picture Josh


 3 days ago

@SamsungMobile why you gotta get rid of the charger? A year of making fun of apple and now I look like a hypocrite :(((

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@alex_obi15 Profile picture Alex_obi15


 3 days ago

@SamsungMobile Ahm ahm.. Apple ahm ahm...

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@_MichaelvD Profile picture MichaelvD


 3 days ago

@SamsungMobile No you fucking need a charger -.- how are you supposed to charge your phone.

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Browns to win today... I think so #WeWantMore

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Even The Legend Herself Ms. Betty White knows!!!
#Browns #WeWantMore

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#WeWantMore #RunItBack
#LakeShow #GoPackGo #DubNation #GoBucs
#dcaboveall #BrooklynTogether
#GoPats #ClipperNation #DallasCowboys #RamsHouse

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The beauty of being a Degen, is even after a piss poor day, there's always another slate waiting for us tomorrow. Here is what I have on tap for a recovery Sunday #NFL #Browns #WeWantMore #CHIEFSKINGDOM #Saints #GoBucs #GamblingTwitter

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I'm even more excited for today's game than last week. I've already got butterflies. #WeWantMore

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