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 1 week ago

China's virus-hit city of Shijiazhuang has quarantined over 5,000 residents in three villages, where the first few COVID-19 cases on Chinese mainland were detected this year. Let's follow @XuZeyu_Philip see how they fare in the quarantine ward.

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oh my god i love that this is a thing #patchestwtselfieday

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#patchestwtselfieday idk what this trend is but I’ll find any excuses to post pics of my cat 🐱

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wait so yknow how today is #patchestwtselfieday? well we should make a teddytwtselfieday and post our dogs😳 (unless there already is one idk)

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don’t have a cat but i have a very cute dog named gobi :)

#patchestwtselfieday !

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if the cats of mcyttwt get #patchestwtselfieday

can we get a dog one? like #bettyandwalterselfieday ?

for anyone who isn’t familiar of betty and walter, they are tommys dogs! :)

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I dont have a cat but I have birbos #patchestwtselfieday

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