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 6 days ago

Meta 2021: ser mimada assim com 5 meses de relacionamento. #Encontro

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@RedeGlobo @andersonnit queria ser mimada assim 😳😌

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 6 days ago

@RedeGlobo @AnnyQueirz1 Renan aí rs

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@RedeGlobo Caroline, acorda menina, ele gosta mesmo é do Carolino.

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 6 days ago

@RedeGlobo Grava a situação dos hospitais de Manaus,pra mostrar pra população o que esse governo genocida ta fazendo com o povo brasileiro,vamos la rede globo salva essa população, pelo amor de deus...

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@RedeGlobo será se um dia eu vou ser a Karoline de alguém?

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 6 days ago

@RedeGlobo Sério?
Eu estava em Júpiter...
O que houve?

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#jeffreestar is just a tacky rip off version of @marilynmanson without the actual vocal talent or charisma,There I said it 🙄😌

#BernieSanders #Inauguration #BidenHarrisInauguration #storm #Biden #SEVENTEEN #MelaniaTrump #izmirdeprem #thursdaymorning #اتحاد_العار_خدام_الاهلي

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We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.”

-Ernest Hemingwa


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Regardless of your space, huge or compact, there is an Elegant slider to suit it. Include a slim line stone resin shower tray to complement the ambience. Browse Our Exclusive Range Of Shower Doors @ #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #uksnow #uk

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Grab your thinking caps because it's time for the #roadsignchallenge! 🚧

What is this sign and which country is it from?

#TwitterCarClub #ThursdayMorning #ThursdayMotivation

@JA_Autos @CarCliq @Rjefferds @TisI_LeClerc @Henshalls @AndyParquet

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Hey Twitter, I’m curious to see how many people genuinely hate Trump. If you hate him send me a $1,$2... whatever you’d like. It’ll go towards me saving for a cheap used vehicle🙏🏽 #ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump #Inauguration #BernieSanders #FDT #thursdaymorning #Trump #ihatetrump

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I hate the fucking media so much! All I’m seeing in news is how good Michelle Obama’s hair looked & how ugly Melanias dress was & then they purposely age melanias pic while airbrushing Michelle’s. These are the pics posted today. #thursdaymorning

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धन्यवाद हैं आपका कृपानाथजी..
सब आपकी कृपा हैं तो हमेशा व्यस्त, स्वस्थ और प्रसन्न हैं। और मस्त रहेंगे।
#Rushivarji #happy #quoteoftheday #thursdaymorning

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