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 6 days ago

"Amiga, vi o #Encontro e lembrei de você."

A matéria:

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 6 days ago
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 6 days ago

@okaiquecosta @RedeGlobo KKKKKKKKKKKKK EU TE ODEIO

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@rafalimafoto @RedeGlobo Na hr q eu ia levantar da sala apareceu isso... sentei e lembrei de mim, triste 🤡

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 6 days ago

@RedeGlobo Pegou pesado, hein, @RedeGlobo! 😂

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@camisllet @RedeGlobo Vsf kkkkkkkkkkkk

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I know it's begging but I'm in a bad spot till tomorrow afternoon. Would like to get my little one at least a biscuit this a.m. #pray some1 with a huge heart reads this $HadleyBrooks2 Kuda #twitchtv #writing #Paris #thursdaymorning #Trump cashapp me #CelebratingAmerica

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Soirée de célébration pour Joe Biden : Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, John Legend, Katy Perry et des feux d'artifices, mais pas de public #CelebratingAmerica

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Demi Lovato e Katy Perry no evento de posse de Joe Biden “Celebrating América” 2021.


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I am filled with joy that our VP is a woman. @VP thank you for daring to dream, thank you for defying the odds. Thank you for giving women a voice. Thank you for proving that all things are possible. 👏👏👏 #KamalaHarris #CelebratingAmerica #MadamVicePresident

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Pour l'avoir vu en direct quasi jusqu'au bout, je dois dire mon admiration pour ce #CelebratingAmerica. Même en terme de pur spectacle, il met une claque aux show trumpiens, alors que c'était un show numérique. Et c'était une vraie réunion de peuple

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Have never heard of the @BlackPumasMusic ? Neither had I until last night. And I can’t stop listening to them. WOW!!!!! #CelebratingAmerica

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Was on a zoom call and friend's grandma says all the entertainers wore classy outfits except one lady. Any idea who she may be referring to? #CelebratingAmerica #inaguration

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