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 6 days ago

A noite mais longa na vida do Adriano começa segunda, dia 18. #Carcereiros

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@RedeGlobo @RobertaDadour Vem kaysar Dadour ❤❤❤✌✌✌

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@RedeGlobo Não vou perder 🔥❤

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“I’m kind of the person that gets along with everybody” - Jen The Clown 🤡

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How is #RHOSLC on #bravo but Real housewives of Miami is not?

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Okay Jen Shah is unhinged her Erika Jayne cosplay is complete #RHOSLC

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Jen says she does parties and surprises for others but it's secretly for herself too.

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No one kisses their own a** and toots their own horn more than Lisa to herself

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Lisa is always acting like she's so busy with her businesses. But has anyone even heard of her alcohol brand?
#rhosl #RHOSLC

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Why is Meredith wearing caterpillars for eyebrows on the plane to Vegas? #RHOSLC

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Argh Brooks Marks is so up himself too, what’s wrong with prostitutes. He’s probably as intolerant as his mom and he still doesn’t know what hip hop is #RHOSLC

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