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 1 week ago

Puducherry all set for COVID vaccination prog starting Jan 16. 2021. A review meet.
On the Screen: @AshwaniKumar_92, Chief Sec, OSD Neethi Dhas, Dr Arun,
Health Sec, Spl Sec Pankaj Jha, DMS Dr Mohan, Collector Arjun Sharma, Regional Adm, Aman Sharma of Mahe and Shivraj of Yanam.

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@thekiranbedi @AshwaniKumar_92 I wish Her Excellency, Chief Secretary & Raj Nivas Team to take Covid vaccine and initiate this Puducherry!

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@thekiranbedi @AshwaniKumar_92 जन लोकपाल

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 1 week ago

@thekiranbedi @AshwaniKumar_92 Great work. Hopefully you will also allow private hospitals to vaccinate interested paying people at the earliest..

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 1 week ago

@thekiranbedi @AshwaniKumar_92 Madam, please give the instructions to who handle this in lower levels. We have to face this challenge properly. Thank you...!

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@dionnewarwick The internet has revolutionized everything

Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Etc...

#Stonks are the most recent victim.

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Some #GME meme stock crowd members are calling others to cancel their meme sell orders set at $420,69 to prevent this run from ending too early.
Welcome to the 2021 stock market and special greetings to the fresh finance majors. #GMEtothemoon #stonks

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This Gamestop spectacle is so interesting it is basically consuming my life because I want to see how it ends. I went and learned more about the #stonks market JUST so I could keep up with what's going on!

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Already made $100 of this $AMC clownery. #stonks

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