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 4 days ago

Quoted @richkleiman

I’m supporting @iamwill's @iamangelfdn #AmericanDreamFund so students in underserved neighborhoods can break the cycle of poverty & create a new legacy for their families & communities. We should do more great work @gofundme

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 4 hours ago

@iamwill I don’t know what came over me but I’m so obsessed watching you on YouTube today

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 23 hours ago

@iamwill ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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 3 days ago

@iamwill That's right. Marijuana is legal in America so let's get growing, smoke a doobie, make music, form a distribution ring for sales via nightclubs, promote the product in music videos and live the American dream.

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Drew Brees - unbelievable career. Thank you #Saints #TBvsNO #BreesRetirementParty #Brees #DrewBrees #SaintsvsBucs #NFLDivisional #NOvsTB

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@drewbrees as a die hard Bucs fan, you are truly are one of the greatest leaders and QBs to ever play the game. There’s a reason why @Buccaneers feared you for so many years. You are truly a legend. #NOvsTB #nfl #Saints #Gobucs

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#NOvsTB #gobucs @Buccaneers Awesome Buccaneers Just Awesome !!

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Fucking hell, this one hurts.

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the reason I fell in love with this game, the reason I fell in love with this team, I will follow the Saints until I die.. forever our QB #DrewBrees #NOvsTB

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What were the final numbers for the most-elitist-WR-of-all-times or AKA FiveYardsSlantMike in yet another crucial game of his career? @projectjax

#Bucs #NFLPlayoffs #Saints #NOvsTB #TBvsNO #NFLDivisional

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Also: Tom Brady sucks. Fuck that guy. #NOvsTB

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