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😆💪New York lit 🔥again  let’s go ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

😆💪New York lit 🔥again let’s go ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

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 1 week ago

@kingcrazydave @50cent Hey be nice

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@50cent Talk to Irving he on some BS rn

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@50cent what sup @50cent

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@50cent Steve yayo

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@50cent 50 brings more D than harden.

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@50cent :(

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@50cent Marry me

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@50cent Still ain’t gettin no Chip!

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@50cent hi sexy

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Just sneed one more win. #Chiefs #AFCChampionship #SuperBowl

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Everyone giving @PatrickMahomes all the credit and not my lucky shirt. #ChiefsKingdom #AFCChampionship #SuperBowlLV

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‘Legend vs. Future’ Brady vs Mahomes 2019 AFC Championship Rematch for Super Bowl 55

Showdown to change everything in the world of football.

#SuperBowlLV #BradyVsMahomes #Chiefs #Buccaneers #TB12 #AFCChampionship #NFCChampionship #NFLONFOX #NFLONCBS

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@Mathieu_Era @Chiefs A Little Parrot Just Told Me That Brady and His Buc’s Rent Is Due In Two Weeks and They’ve Been Behind On Some Payments.. I Think It’s Time For Ya’ll To Give Them An Eviction Notice! AFC CHAMPS BABY🏆🏆 #RunItBack #AFCChampionship #SuperBowlLV #ChiefsKingdom

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Folding tables everywhere are silent tonight. 😥 #BuffaloBills #AFCChampionship #BILLSMAFIA

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People say it’s tough to beat a team twice in 1 season, but the #Chiefs have been doing that yearly in the AFC West for a LONNNNNNGGG time, and just did it again in the #AFCChampionship.
Advantage Andy Reid 🧠

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On my flight home yesterday, I politely ask Bills fan in jersey...who is #27?
He says: Tre’Davious White, cornerback shadowing @cheetah all game
Me: man, good luck to him
Bills fan: White is all pro and will shut Hill down
Me: last laugh
#AFCChampionship #ChiefsKingdom

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