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BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥 BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥

BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥

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 1 week ago

@50cent drose 😂

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@50cent I want to be in the show also🙂 Pick Me, pick me 😁

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@50cent Avon barksdale in the game again

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@50cent 50cent boss

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@50cent This is my year

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@50cent We need you help❤️whatever you do is everything 4us..Retweet,👀our page..He is the love of my life,my heart,you saved my life and made me a better person,I promise im bout to fight to the end for what is yours 🖤👶🏽JUSTICE4US✊🏾❤️

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@50cent True. I'm lit as well.

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 2 months ago

Last song/video I dropped! In case you missed it!

Positive vibez in these crazy times. 💯💯💯🌴

Share if you rock with it.

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God bless!

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Ryan’s next stop after getting a watch #90DayFiance

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What's this and why bruh? #90DayFiance

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Saw #Natalie was trending & instantly tried to figure out what I’d done. Wondered if it was bc we’re launching @CommonHealthACT Foundations of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Online Curriculum tomorrow. Guess it’s about #90DayFiance🤷🏾‍♀️. #EDIOnline #equity

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The ending is so vicious in this show. They showed Amira all sad, with the somber music and then immediately skipped to Andrew living it up in Mexico 😂 #90DayFiance #90DaysFiance

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#90DayFiance TLC needs to learn that no one needs that weird 360 camera angle of Stephanie and Ryan kissing awkwardly at the airport.

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Mike and Natalie benefitted a lot from Mike's mama. And Natalie didn't even want her to be there. Sometimes people just need a third party to validate both people's feelings and provide suggestions for improvement. #90DayFiance

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Mike’s mom has some wise advice. It’s probably all the butter. #90DayFiance @robcesternino @Pooyaism

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I’m constantly amazed at how shocked these couples are about the reality of their relationships. It’s like they did not talk at all about the day to day reality of how they would live? #90DayFiance

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