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 6 days ago

Quoted @ambermruffin

Me, out the window: You there, what day is it? You, there: Why, today, sir? Today is publishing day!!📚

Congrats to you and Lacey! I loved this book, and so will everyone! 🥰

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 3 days ago

@mindykaling Just bought your book!

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 6 days ago

@ambermruffin @mindykaling Just bought your book!

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@mindykaling Thanks so much!! Yay!!!

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 6 days ago

@mindykaling Oh I love her! This is awesome!

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 6 days ago

@mindykaling Hi Kelly ⛄️

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 6 days ago

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 6 days ago

@mindykaling Can’t wait to read it!

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Finally. The relief on the Eve of @JoeBiden ‘s inauguration is nothing compared to the joy I will feel when he is the President. Our country has been dragged through the sewer of Trump and now we can start washing the stench off. #BidenHarrisInauguration #JoeBiden #TrumpsLastDay

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Kimberley Guilfoyle was right!

The best IS yet to come!

And it starts at noon EST/9 AM PAC #BidenHarrisInauguration #TrumpsLastDay #Trump #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration

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So apparently we’ve been safe the past four years because the military was putting a fresh green salad between Trump and the nuclear launch codes. #TrueStory #Inauguration #TrumpsLastDay #TrumpIsAllYoursFlorida #BidenHarrisInauguration #Phew

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@DonaldJTrumpJr As president-elect, #Biden has done more to unify the country than your failure father did in the past four years. #ByeByeTrump #trumpslastday #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump

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Por si te interesa: en minutos. A partir de las 22:30 de Argentina/ 8:30 pm de Miami estaré en

#BidenHarrisInauguration #TrumpsLastDay

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Pompeo’s parting message as secretary of state: Multiculturalism is ‘not who America is.’ What an ass. Good riddens to a #CorruptCabinet #TrumpsLastDay

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@Acosta They stole the frames?! #NoClassFamily #TrumpsLastDay

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