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 1 week ago

I’m supporting @iamwill's @iamangelfdn #AmericanDreamFund so students in underserved neighborhoods can break the cycle of poverty & create a new legacy for their families & communities. We should do more great work @gofundme

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 1 week ago

@richkleiman @iamwill @iamangelfdn @gofundme can supplement with financial literacy programs for students also just connect and I’ll get you the info.

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@richkleiman @iamwill @gofundme Thank you for supporting these bright young minds! 🚀

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@pokimanelol @CashApp #CashAppPoki here’s a pic of my bun! $rholiday14

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@pokimanelol @CashApp My cat before she passed 😞$weirdnessyt #CashAppPoki

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@pokimanelol @CashApp Hey! I had my little sister draw something on Microsoft Paint and she drew me this masterpiece of my dog Luna! Some of this money would help me pay to go to college!
$JonahPlazek33 #CashAppPoki

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