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 5 days ago

At the #RamaKrishnaMission #youthday
(Thanku @mailshiv for this recall)

National Youth Day | Youth | Dr. Kiran Bedi via @YouTube

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@thekiranbedi @mailshiv @YouTube "नोजवान अब केदे बदनिजामं हो चुके है
उठो,बजुरगवार कोई इंकलाब लाया जाए " A couplet of my poem

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I guess he needs to think it twice about that talk show he is planning to have bcos we all going to make sure no brands work with him #loveislandusa

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get this bastards full name out of the tag #LoveIslandUSA #cloutchaser

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I think Cely auditioned for the Voice #LoveIslandUSA

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Who watched #LoveIslandUSA last year?

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@cxc0_ tell your dumb friends quite bother me. It’s 5:00 am. #LoveIslandUSA

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C*leb if you thought we were "wildin" then... you clearly dont know whats coming your way #LoveIslandUSA

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#LoveIslandUSA i honestly don’t give a rat ass what Caleb says , has to say , or will say . I embarrassed myself enough defending you Sir.

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c*lebs dad: #loveislandusa

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