@mindykaling @HBO Have you seen Schitt's Creek? @SchittsCreek

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 1 week ago

@MeaghanBurden @mindykaling @HBO @SchittsCreek Cobra Kai (not a comedy) is surprisingly enjoyable.

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 1 week ago

@MeaghanBurden @mindykaling @HBO @SchittsCreek Have you seen Never Have I Ever

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 1 week ago

@MeaghanBurden @mindykaling @HBO @SchittsCreek 30 Rock is also GREAT

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 1 week ago

@funnynepaligirl @MeaghanBurden @mindykaling @HBO @SchittsCreek VEEP makes The Office seem like kindergarten fare.

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@MeaghanBurden @mindykaling @HBO @SchittsCreek Nothing beats “THE OFFICE”

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 1 week ago

Seriously I could use some new episodes of Barry @hbo

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#dndartists Hi, I’m Jedha and i love tieflings and dragons ✨

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#dndartists is trending? Yes please 🧙‍♀️More DnD commissions!

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The Dead Marshes lure you in deeper, don’t look at the faces in the water, don’t leave the trail.. you’ll surely be lost #dicemaker #resinart #polyhedraldice #dndartists

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Oh! #dndartists is a thing! Once again I’m always nervous to post to trend tags but here’s some of my portraits and a little homebrew! ☺️☀️

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✨⭐️dungeons and dragons⭐️✨
means so much to me

I have run many multi-year games, love drawing every character a million times, making sets, designing maps and weapons, making merchandise for my time god's MLM and even hosting d&d cosplay parties for 50+ people


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I really should have more art of some of the dnd campaigns I’ve been in, but the lil oopsies hold a special place in my heart #dndartists

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