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 2 weeks ago

Hop, skip and jump to Victory 🥇

Grab the Skipper Emote now!

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 2 weeks ago

@FortniteGame Finally

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@FortniteGame FINALLY. YOOOO

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@FortniteGame Omg i wasn't able to get kratos in time 😭🤧

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 2 weeks ago

@FortniteGame fortnite needs sex. I am an 14 year old boy who often fantasizes about sex I want sex I am virgin. fortnite sex could help me have real sex please epic games give me sex I am very lonely please epic games like damn give me likes and retweets so fortnite sex is made real.

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 2 weeks ago

@FortniteGame CODE CYRV #AD

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@euphoriaHBO If you could have any actor as a guest in Euphoria, who would you invite? #AskHunter

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@euphoriaHBO #askhunter do you watch any anime and if you do whats your favorite?

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#Askhunter Will you marry me please

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mulher, em nome de Jesus, fala se a rue tá viva mesmo, ou estamos sendo iludidos até o final da série? #AskHunter

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@euphoriaHBO @drunkonwallsx #askhunter whats one thing u would say to jules if u met irl

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@euphoriaHBO Hey hon. Do you believe in zodiac signs?

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