America doesn't de-escalate. It normalizes. School shootings were something unthinkable. Now, children prepare for them as part of their curriculum.

What happened yesterday was unthinkable, and now it will be a concern every election. This doesn't go away when Trump does.

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@bryanedwardhill @sacca Sad, but probably true.

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill Wow 🤯

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill It's true! DO NOT NORMALIZE YESTERDAY'S EVENT.

I'm over normalizing atrocities . Hold them accountable. Prosecute them and TRUMP !

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@bryanedwardhill @World_Of_Hurt God damn it; you’re right. I wish you weren’t.

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill Fuck that’s true. Fuck

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@karasoth @bryanedwardhill Statistically speaking, yes, but one kid shot in a school is too many. That should be the standard. The protection and education of our youth are paramount. Every generation needs to do better than the previous.

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill Same in India as well 😐

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill @bartona104 Yes. Now we will invest a trillion dollars into making the capital “safer” and we’ll have to talk about if this might happen for 6 months before every midterm and presidential election. And most people will tune out.

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 1 week ago

@bryanedwardhill School shootings are also incredibly rare.

But schools and governments dont act that way

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@bryanedwardhill And there are still Republicans who are beating the drum of "voting irregularities" and still fanning the flames of those people.

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