So is Kaepernick taking a knee still an inappropriate way to protest?

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@RashellTamina @lanceallred41 @StevePeers And all that destruction of cities we saw last year

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@gailfinke @lanceallred41 @AlexLittleTN Sorry that kneeling while black terrifies you.

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@lanceallred41 @StevePeers Yes it was a peaceful symbolic protest, unlike the terrible scenes we see now on Capitol hill.

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Hello #dndartists ! I’m Aunalicia, I’m a big fan of drow and tieflings. I’m a dm and player, and I really enjoy drawing my PCs and NPCs! <3

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@Wizards_DnD We've been making #battlemaps for over 7 years, and have hundreds over at @DriveThruRPG


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More DnD art because I love DnD. So much.

#dndartists #dndart

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YO HELLO #dndartists

I only got into #dnd this year and it’s got me through this whole pandemic. I love to draw and I picked up digital art this year! Here’s some things I’m proud of :)

special thank you to my DM @SoDapperrrrr

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I guess this is the thing right now? So here are some dnd character sketches And stuff! #dndartists #dnd

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@Wizards_DnD Here is a statue of Caleb Widogast of The Mighty Nein that I just finished up this week. #dndartists

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#BernieSanders #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #COVID19 #dndartists #LoVasAOlvidar #twitterisoverparty #chloe #MelaniaTrump put an end to @US_FDA BULLCRAP!

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