@DaveKingThing Profile picture Dave King


 2 weeks ago

i have a prediction as to whether or not these audio tapes will have any effect on anything

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@CR9016961 Profile picture KMA


 2 weeks ago

@DavidProkopy @DaveKingThing @thatbilloakley Trump could say something like, "couldn't we just inject hydroxychloroquine into our bodies?" And Trumpets would say, "oh, he meant that as a joke"... hahaha, I was born at night but not last night, cultists!

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@CtrlAltCenter @DaveKingThing Apparently not. *That* guy beat your guy! 🀣

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@akbarehsan Profile picture Akbar Ehsan


 2 weeks ago

@DaveKingThing @mindykaling Nothing will happen. All politicians will quake in their boots for fear of Orange Putrescence.

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@DaveKingThing @mindykaling I have given up asking... when will enough be enough?!

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@brianburke50 Profile picture Brian Burke


 2 weeks ago

@DaveKingThing They won't

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@broadsi Profile picture Kevin Broberg


 2 weeks ago

@DaveKingThing I’m certainly not voting for him now

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@DaveKingThing @thatbilloakley Trumpsters are already spinning it as "He was trying to *warn* them that there was voter fraud, and they were going to face serious consequences unless they fixed it!" πŸ™„

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@TonyKirkMD Profile picture Tony Kirk


 2 weeks ago

@DaveKingThing @thatbilloakley I have a prediction as to whether that was the only call of its kind he made to Republican leadership in battleground states.

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#TwitterIsOverParty We're cancelling twitter for breaking their own fucking rules? NOW WE'RE TALKING.

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#TwitterIsOverParty yet none of you dumb fucks actually want to leave

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The only way to cancel Twitter is to leave the site

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@EverythingOOC I like how yall throwing a #twitterisoverparty ON FUCKING TWITTER. Lol yall dumb

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