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SMTOWN LIVE "Culture Humanity" Line-up Teaser

➫ 01.01.21 1PM KST
➫ 31.12.20 8PM PST
➫ 31.12.20 11PM EST

#NCTU #NCT127 #NCTDREAM #WayV #SuperM #aespa #Raiden #GINJO #IMLAY

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 3 weeks ago

@cloudoys_ thank you caaa😭💙
ini tuh jadinya free apa nggak?

mau nonton jg bingung aku teh dimananya....

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 3 weeks ago

@junmamoney @SMTOWNGLOBAL Kai and Baekhyun are not exo??? If they are there of course exo logo will be in the video just like how snsd and shinee logo is there when it's just tm and ty

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 3 weeks ago

@SMTOWNGLOBAL @SHINee Great exo logo in the vid, but where is exo?

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 3 weeks ago

@SMTOWNGLOBAL do you remember shinee

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL Give me onew, kibum and minho too

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Home from the hospital and watching inauguration. In these dark days, light. Sending love to all my friends in the US today and hoping democracy and unity do indeed prevail #BidenHarrisInauguration #democracy #unity

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@slh52002 @Reuters Riots, threats, violence, murder, rigged elections, msm can’t tell the truth, government full of criminals, commu-socialism forced down our throats, false flags, theft, lies, false environmental catastrophes, hidden technology, hidden cures, etc and you call for #Unity? WTF!

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Congratulations President Biden & Vice President Harris! @POTUS @VP #Unity #Hope #Peace #USA

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Donald Trump is one man whom 75 million people wanted to have a second term. 75M!

Yet Biden is repetitiously pushing a unity admin.

Someone please reiterate to Biden that MAGAs do not want #unity or compromise or resolution. They want their way or none at all.

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Love that #AndreaHall delivered the #PledgeOfAllegiance in both spoken word and sign language. That's an example #unity and #inclusion!

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@willchamberlain They're Nazis, so why bother? Remember, #Unity!

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democrats and biden don’t want #unity
they want subservience and will try and squash dissent

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Biden's blowing white hair is a well-calculated nod to the Bernie Bros. #UNITY

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