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 2 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn #DavidDhawan Heaven on the docks man! Your film rocks man! #CoolieNo1 enjoy it on @PrimeVideo guys

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@rishabroshan @kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo 20 minutes hihihi..couldn't even watch for 5 minute bro ...Worst acting..worst character and worst movie ..Ab Ye Bachay Govinda sir ka muqabla karege..hihiii...Nobody can do comedy and great acting like Govinda sir ...ye bachay kya acting karege apnay baap k lollipop..hihihi..

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@shonsmg @kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo 👌👌👌good one😜

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 2 weeks ago

@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Paid tweet hai bhiayoo

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@a4AmitB Profile picture Amit Kumar Bhagat


 2 weeks ago

@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Seems as if you taking lessons on how to ruin a classic

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 2 weeks ago

@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Are you serious sir ?? Being friend of dhwans, I am sure you would have shared honest feedback privately

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@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Super hero Varun sir iam your friend ayushman

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@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Always Support ❤️

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@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Kitna jhooth bologe

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@kunalkohli @Varun_dvn @PrimeVideo Couldn’t even watch 20 mins of the movie. Get a life !

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@SinjinDrowning will you guys ever make beanies? #asksinjin

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@SinjinDrowning #AskSinjin this is Dream what do you think about it this is actually Dream

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#AskSinjin pov: you’re dating wilbur soot and he asks if he could play a song for you. you say yes and he starts playing fireworks by katy perry. how are u feeling?

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@SinjinDrowning what did u guys get for christmas #AskSinjin

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#AskSinjin which adam devine mood are you today????

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@SinjinDrowning thoughts on armie hammer? do u think he took this song too literal... #AskSinjin

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