Hey y’all! Go listen to my song #UnderTheMistletoe on Apple Music’s Essential Christmas playlist!! Happy holidays @AppleMusic!

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@s3dowdell1 Profile picture Susan Dowdell


 3 weeks ago

@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic Ok, Kelly - it's a nice song -heard you & Brett sing together on your great show! Merry Christmas Kelly!

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@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic This has to be one of the best new Christmas songs. Absolutely love it!

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@hotwheelsatm Profile picture Alex Moore


 3 weeks ago

@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic I’ve listened to underneath the mistletoe 3 times today, and I’ve also listened to it everyday since underneath the mistletoe came out in October i just love it so much, thank you for bringing some happiness in this crappy year 😊

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@BantsToni Profile picture toni bants


 3 weeks ago

@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic my favourite Christmas song by far 😛💞

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@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic I downloaded Spotify for you😭 I don’t wanna pay for Apple Music too🤣

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@QAddison10 Profile picture QUEENAddison10


 3 weeks ago

@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic Don't have apple but I have heard it you are great Kelly Clarkson

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@dlambertjr Profile picture Donald Lambert


 3 weeks ago

@kellyclarkson @AppleMusic Don't have apple music but have listened a lot elsewhere. Have a Merry Christmas Kelly.

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Been begging to play a higher line and it was much easier to keep the ball today because of it. We didn't need a back 3 tbh, we could have played with a higher back 4 and had an extra man in the middle and probably stopped them further up the field. Hope it continues. #COYS

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@LastWordOnSpurs Another simple question lads. How good is NDombele? #THFC #COYS

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@HKane @SpursOfficial @Serge_aurier 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Tottenham Hotspur Star Harry Kane’s Performance Versus Sheffield Utd :

🦶 Touches: 64
⚽️ Goals: 1
🧩 Passing Accuracy: 23/32 (72%)
🎯 Shots On Target: 2
💪 Duels Won: 19
🔑 Key Passes: 4
🚫 Tackles: 3
🧹 Clearances: 2

👑 King Kane


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Joe Rodon gives Jose Mourinho what he wants with perfect response to comments #THFC #COYS

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Hopefully spurs players now fully understand the importance of insurance goals. It's so hard to keep clean sheets in the prem. The days of sitting on 1-0 leads is over for pretty much all teams. #COYS #THFC #PremierLeague #SHETOT

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These 2 🔥🔥🔥❤️

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LINK 1 -->

LINK 2 -->


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Big win from @SpursOfficial taking all three points at Bramall Lane!

Tanguy, Tottenham Take all Three from Sheffield (via @SpursFanAZ)

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