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The policeman who shot dead a 52-year-old woman and her 25-year-old son on Sunday avoided prosecution for two homicides last year and kept his badge due to lack of evidence and witnesses. | @jiandradeINQ

An anger management program won’t solve the culture of impunity in our police force.

After Nuezca brazenly shot the two, he casually walked away with his kid and went home. Why? Because he has gotten away with it before.

You want the police force to change? Accountability.

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 4 weeks ago

@DonSilvino100 @iamkarendavila I don't think this is the right thing to do. As much as there are corrupt policemen, there are also decent policemen. What should be done is a culling. The bad ones should be separated from the good ones.

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 4 weeks ago

@iamkarendavila The fact that he had previous cases of HOMICIDE just LAST YEAR, and is still roaming around freely with a gun.

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 4 weeks ago

@iamkarendavila Rule of law is the only constraint to the power of the police, if bent ang rule of law to favor them paano na?si tulfo na lang matitira.

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 4 weeks ago
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 4 weeks ago
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 4 weeks ago

@iamkarendavila murdering two innocent lives in broad day light without a trace of remorse on his face......must have done it before.

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@iamkarendavila I believe the right move is to


Fire everyone and make a fresh start.

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@iamkarendavila Change should start from the top. The problem is the leadership.

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@iamkarendavila Accountability is too much to expect from the current administration. Sa next admin na lang tayo umasa provided na di kaalyado ng nakaupo ang papalit.

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I almost wish they would un ban Trump from Twitter so we can have hella Tea 🫖 #TwitterIsOverParty

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If #TwitterIsOverParty did nothing else it showed me there are still Nazis doing the babytalk ‘frens’ shit

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Trump still won’t be on Twitter but carryon #TwitterIsOverParty

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So cute trolls think this means something #TwitterIsOverParty keep waiting on that maybe at that Trump q party 🤣

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I don't know why #TwitterIsOverParty trending.

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People are trying to cancel twitter on twitter...We are evolving, just backwards....

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D.J. Wilson better than Lebron and MJ...tell me i’m not speaking mf Fax #twitterisoverparty

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