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 1 month ago

The policeman who shot dead a 52-year-old woman and her 25-year-old son on Sunday avoided prosecution for two homicides last year and kept his badge due to lack of evidence and witnesses. | @jiandradeINQ

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 4 weeks ago

@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Kaya ayaw ni Sinas ng video, para abswelto na naman... Stupud sinas

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 4 weeks ago

@inquirerdotnet @MoxieLi @jiandradeINQ This is the entire picture that we should see. Satan talks when Duterte speaks and he has been tempting people to do evil and people who serve money and not God blindly support and follow him.

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 4 weeks ago


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 4 weeks ago

@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Salamat sa kumuha ng video. Salamat.

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@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Show the evidence to the police? And then what? Mabuti na pinakita ang video dahil malakas ang ebidensya sa kanya dahil kung wala yun at di nakita ng mga tao eh di ano? ma-acquit na naman like what happened to his previous crimes.

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 4 weeks ago

@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Pustahan tayo makakalaya to sinabi na ng president na May topak to so case of insanity to tang ina.

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@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Si Sinas kaya kelan? Mas maraming black record yan like killings pero promoted pa ni Duterte. 🤔

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 1 month ago

@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ It’s called threat and intimidation.

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 1 month ago

@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ For the longest time, the police organization is filled with anomalies, the extortion, the involvement and protection of criminal organizations and abusive politicians, yes these can only be a small portion of the force but what has the bigger portion done to correct things? 0

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@inquirerdotnet @jiandradeINQ Salamat sa nag video..maybe this time (with emotions) makatanggap ng hustisya ang lahat..at managot na sya sa ginawa nya..

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AO VIVO conferindo a demo "Maiden" de Resident Evil Village no PS5 e conversando sobre os anúncios do #REShowcase:

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Who remembers the rumours about how Resident Evil Village was a struggle to develop for on the PS5 because after today's showcase we can safely put yet another BS rumour to rest. #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvilVillage #REShowcase #PlayStation5

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We will now be taking your guesses as to just HOW TALL Lady Dimitrescu (aka Tall Vampire Lady) is now that we've seen her in action. #ResidentEvilVillage #REShowcase

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Capcom talking about infinite darkness during the #REShowcase

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Todo sobre Resident Evil Showcase, fecha de salida, Demo y mucho más 😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
@Capcom_Es @CapcomEurope @RE_Games #REVillage
#REShowcase @ResidentEvil @PlayStationES @Xbox_Spain

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Eyes Up Guardians! Come hang out while I chat for a bit (that #REShowcase huh?!) and then play some Destiny with @TeeMonster


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Oh look, Billy Connolly is in #ResidentEvilVillage #RE8 #REShowcase #revillage #ResidentEvil #videogames #REBHFun #gaming

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Durante el #REShowcase se reveló "RE:Verse", juego multijugador con motivo de celebración de los 25 aniversarios de la franquicia Resident Evil.

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