Replying to @SnoopDogg: Ayyy bay area homies #verzuz

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 4 weeks ago

Ayyy bay area homies #verzuz

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#TrumpSeriesFinale Moving into his new home
"President" Joe Biden
"First lady" Dr Jill Biden


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His children all disown him after his second failed coup attempt. Lady G (@LindseyGrahamSC), @tedcruz, @HawleyMO and the rest are all arrested on sedition charges while Trump himself tries to defect to Moscow with the @MyPillowUSA guy.

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I hope the #TrumpSeriesFinale ends the same way the Seinfeld series finale ended. With all the main characters going to prison.

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Some of the conspiracies start with them. #TrumpSeriesFinale

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@kaitlancollins Come on #RudyGiuliani #MattGaetz #JimJordan ! Couldn’t ask for bigger fuckups if I handpicked them myself. #TrumpSeriesFinale #trumpshipsinking #trumptanic #trumpsinkingship

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