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😧 @carrieunderwood Almost Didn't Audition For #AmericanIdol



Great catching up with you, @KellyClarkson! @KellyClarksonTV

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@rezanosrati Profile picture Reza Nosrati


 1 month ago

@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV Two legends!! We need a duet/collab 🙏; it would literally hit number one. Please you guys, do this at least for me.

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@Texasanit Profile picture Tina


 1 month ago

@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV Beautiful and talented ladies ❤️

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@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV You girls are 2 of the most OUTSTANDING VOICES in all of music and it doesnt even matter what genre in music!
Thank you so much for providing us with CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL music and we wish you the very best ALWAYS! LOVE YOU BOTH

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@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV Why hasn’t there ever been a collab from you two?

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@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV I love this interview! Glad to see you and Kelly again 😊

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@ErinLBarton Profile picture Erin Barton


 1 month ago
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@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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@pedroinhawaii Profile picture pedrð


 1 month ago

@carrieunderwood @kellyclarkson @KellyClarksonTV loved this reunion 🥰

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Looking something refreshing for your brand, band or etc?!

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He's been waiting, Red!🍞✨ #Berniememes #pokemon

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Can we have the Bernie Sanders and Lori Lightfoot memes meetup. On please.


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When people asked how am I dealing with the pandemic. #Inauguration2021 #Berniememes

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