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1st ODI. 45.1: A Zampa to R Jadeja (24), 6 runs, 279/6 #AusvInd

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@BCCI Proper legacy of Thulla Dhoni, after gifting the match without any battle now trying improve his personal struke rate.

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@BCCI He showed intent after the game is done and dusted

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@BCCI Jadeja please show intent

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#ImpeachBidenNow shoutout to the kpop community for absolutely wrecking this tag!!! keep it going y'all, keep posting them fancams babes!!

love, ya homie

pls this gif is me attempting to contribute

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@Jim_Jordan @RealTina40 #ImpeachBidenNow Jim, America is counting on you to make sure his crimes are sanctioned asap

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