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 1 month ago

Replying to @americanascom: É cupom que vocês querem? Aqui TEM 🗣🗣🗣 #ShowDaBlackFriday #RedFriday

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 1 month ago

É cupom que vocês querem? Aqui TEM 🗣🗣🗣 #ShowDaBlackFriday #RedFriday

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Yegor Sharangovich with the game winner for Devils today... I picked him up early in the week in my yearly Fantasy League... give him a look. The kid can play. #NHL #NJDevils #Devils

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#njdevils for everyone hating on Palmieri he made an awesome pass to Severson for the GWG. Relax...

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If Jack can keep shooting the puck right there this year is gonna be fun. 7 out of 10 that’s in the back of the net.

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@2yuzey4 #NJDevils Palmieri is going to make mistakes. How can we be critical after getting 3 pts against Boston with like 5 rookies and no Nico, Jesper, and Vat?

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Know the name. Yegor Sharangovich is here to stay.

Have a feeling #NJDevils fans will love Govy. What a moment.

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This covid crap needs to end I need the bar after a devils win with the fam! #Njdevils

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