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During #COVID19, women and girls are using the internet more than ever to stay connected with the world.

@FarOutAkhtar, UN Womenโ€™s Regional Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia and founder of @MardOfficial, shares important information on ending cyberviolence against women ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘‡

Cyber violence against women has escalated amid #COVID19. #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence is an opportunity to make a difference for the better.
My appeal to all is to strive harder in achieving a safe space for women to function without fear.

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@AnishAnny1 Profile picture Anish


 1 month ago

@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Great ๐Ÿ‘

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@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia In my case it is mental torture by her to me. any possibility you'll bring this to lime light?

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@aamizami Profile picture zami


 1 month ago

@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Look who talk??? Hahhahaha

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@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Brilliant initiative!

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@OMehwishra Profile picture Res JUDICATA


 1 month ago
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@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia The messaging is quite relevant, and it's great to see you bring more awareness to this subject. It would also help the larger community if you also outline the concrete steps that should be taken to protect women from online abuse.

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@uswanit Profile picture swanit ukidave


 1 month ago

@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Surely pata hai, ya log keh rahe hai isliye? Kuch toh hoga hi.

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@therosheshh Profile picture Roshesh


 1 month ago

@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Start with your home first ..no comment on Sajid case from your side

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@roshinraghavan Profile picture Roshin


 1 month ago

@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia We have better Oscar entry this time.. beyond any one can influence

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@FarOutAkhtar @unwomenasia Arey bhai, cyber crime doesnt check gender of victim

Dont bring Women and men in between

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