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Peshawar covid positivity ratio 13.39% yesterday. Patients in critical care: 202. Of these 50 on low flow oxygen, 134 on high flow and 18 on ventilators. 14 new critical patients just yesterday. PDM response : we will be safe on the stage so who cares what happens to citizens

The same PDM mbrs who had wanted a strict lockdown and criticised me earlier now playing reckless politics with people's safety. They are even defying court orders & holding a jalsa when cases are rising dramatically.

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@ShaziaJ3 @ImranKhanPTI انشاء اللّٰہ

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@ImranKhanPTI 💚🇵🇰💚

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@ImranKhanPTI good job

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@ImranKhanPTI Yes great

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@ImranKhanPTI شالا تتی ہوا نہ لگی
شالا جگی باد روی
شالا رب کنڈ نہ لاوی
شالا سکھی منزالاں ہون ای
شالا اوچے فخر ہون ای
شالا شام نہ تھیویں
آمین ❤️

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@ImranKhanPTI جیوووووو ہزاروں برس

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@ImranKhanPTI Sir love u

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#MLKDay Anti-racism education for my white children isn’t a conversation or experience, not the work of a day. It’s a constant thread of truth that I weave in opposition of the supremacy & privilege that permeates their lives. Today is the day we recommit to the process with joy.

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Today on MLK Day we are celebrating Martin Luther King through storytelling and music in a virtual show that you DO NOT want to miss! 8PM EST/7PM CST/5 PM PST! Get your tix!

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On #MLKDay, let us remember that we are capable of making a difference. We are capable of uplifting one another, and most importantly, we are capable of changing the world.

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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s message on #MLKDay.

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Honoring a great man+legacy. A powerful, much-needed reminder at the start of a symbolic week. #Equality #Unity #Love #MondayMotivation #MondayThoughts #CorettaScottKing #MartinLutherKing #MLKDay #MLKDay2021

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Good Monday #MLKDay Hanbin namjoon New Week MAPPA #RisingStarInyeopDay Vachina #QueremosImpeachment #겨울의_꽃_인엽아_생일축하해 Bolsonaro #Followtrick #GOT7NewPage 7 OR NOTHING #rosmello Lucas

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“Nós sempre falamos sobre inspirar o próximo atleta preto e alguns desses ex jogadores usam a TV e suas redes sociais para fazer ao contrario. Eu vejo isso e apenas fico na minha, quem é de verdade nunca perde!

Um salve pro Wade por ser sólido.”


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